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Mythical creatures that feed off emotions

Centaur - Half-men, half-horse creatures that ran wild and unruly. Cerberus - The three-headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades. Charybdis - The whirlpool on one side of the Strait of Messina that swallowed ships that came too close to it. Chimera - Part-lion, part-goat, part-snake -.

Sep 17, 2020 · The Maori tribe of New Zealand told similar legends of the pouakai or hokioi — a giant, black and white bird that swooped down from the sky to pick off small children. Scientists today know that ....

Apr 04, 2005 · Do creatures exist that feed off of human emotions? Classic Sci-Fi TV and books have used this as a plotline for many fictional works. In Star Trek, concept of emotion as the object of a creature's hunt is shown in "Wolf in the Fold," where fear is the meat upon which the "Redjac" creature feeds..

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A daughter whose real story has likely been entirely lost to history, though her strange myth lives on. After being seduced by Zeus, Lamia bore him many children over the course of several years acting secretly as the king-god’s mistress. Eventually Hera discovered their tryst and slaughtered all of Lamia’s children.

Animals that feed or linger near the grave of a Draugr eventually go mad. It is said that the only kind of person capable of dispatching these creatures is a hero, one posessed of great courage and moral fiber. They are often physically wrestled back into their graves, or beheaded and burnt to ash depending on the myth.

The creature known as an Imp is a sentient beast not more than two fores tall that is said to resemble a thin lizard -like goblin with wings. Additionally, the Imp has an unusual looking face that resembles a smooth, bone-like mask with glowing red eyes. Imps have been favoured as intelligent and loyal familiars among many archmages over the.

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